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Release notes April 10-11

Ben W. - April 9, 2019

Here are the highlights from our latest release.
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4 Tips to Improve Agent Coaching

Call center supervisors juggle a multitude of responsibilities including expert service provider, coach, trainer, mentor, motivator and often times manager.

They set the tone for their team. The most effective supervisors coach their agents to provide excellent customer service while supporting the goals of the business. Coaching agents to success can be a difficult and time-consuming process for supervisors, especially when they're overseeing large contact centers with multiple agents. But with the right technology and know-how, this process can be simple and beneficial for both supervisors and agents. 

With adequate knowledge and techniques, supervisor coaching sessions can be more efficient and help train agents to have more successful interactions with customers. 

Keep it confidential

Reprimanding and openly criticizing an agent in the presence of other teammates can damage their confidence and affect their overall level of productivity -- which can cause poor interactions with customers or longer wait times to speak to an agent.

Critical feedback and correctional sessions should be done privately to allow the agent to feel comfortable without fear of being judged by peers. Supervisors can also use contact center software platforms to communicate with agents in real time as they are on active calls and chats or after their interaction with the customer has ended.

Handling contact center sessions one-on-one can boost agent confidence and be a valuable tool for new or learning agents.

It also demonstrates respect for agents as well as fosters the mutual understanding that leads to successful relationships between supervisor and agents.

Use data

When looking at the overall performance of an agent, supervisors should reach for complete data analysis of an agent’s latest interactions in the contact center.

With the right platform, supervisors can easily look at an individual agent’s activity such as call duration, average call length and every chat that agent is engaged with in one all-encompassing view.

Data inclusion helps the agents understand the true scope of the situation. In the same scope, when the agent has done remarkably well, it’s important for supervisors to call this out using numbers so that other agents have an idea of what to work towards.

Balance feedback

Supervisors should try to balance their feedback between what an agent is doing well and areas where they can improve. Supervisors shouldn’t focus only on what the agent did wrong on a call or chat as this often leads to discouragement and poor morale.

With the right platform that provides listen in features and chat monitoring supervisors can get a full view of an individual agent's work.

When listening to a live call or monitoring a chat using their contact center platform, supervisors can ping an agent without the customer seeing that communication to express words of praise or encouragement. Consequently, the agent feels good knowing they are doing well in some areas and can focus on improving in other areas.


One of the best ways to improve a skill is to let them be their own judge. A good coaching tactic is to ask agents to vet their own call recordings and identify the areas that need improvement. This practice gives agents the opportunity to listen and see examples of positives and negatives from the listeners perspective. Supervisors can then highlight areas of improvement and other areas of good work from the recorded call.

To find out more about how the right software can help supervisors monitor and coach agents, visit connectfirst.com.


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