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Connect First Blog Posts

4 Tips to Improve Agent Coaching

A Rough Guide for Call Center Workers Who Can Work Remotely - 2

A Rough Guide for Call Center Workers Who Can Work Remotely

Professional Development for Call Centers

Protect Your Contact Center from Legal Issues

Create an Effective Employee Management Plan

14 Misconceptions About Customer Service

Optimize Management in Your Call Center

A Better Platform to Enhance the Customer Experience

5 Tips for Remote Workers

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Professional Development for Call Center Executives

5 Ways To Help Employees With Work-Life Balance

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The Best Video Conference Call Apps Available

Professional Development for Call Center Agents

Three Tips for Managing an Efficient Call Center

Basic Skills to Improve the Customer Experience

Engage Remote Teams, Increase Productivity

Free! Project Management Software

What Your Competitors Can Teach You

Engaging with Professional Development

You've Come A Long Way Baby

True Cloud Hosting: Built-In Scalability

Self-Service & The Customer Experience

Productivity and Collaboration

True Cloud Hosting: Built for the Cloud from the Ground

Top Five Things Contact Centers Get Wrong

Your Contact Center is The Secret Ingredient

How To Become a Strong Call Center Manager

The Challenge and the Opportunity

12 Easy Steps to Become a Better Team Leader

A Note From The Quiet Side Of Call Center Software

A Customer’s Perspective

5 Ways To Change A Toxic Call Center Work Environment

How Long Hold Times Affect Your Customers' Experience

Superior Service: Every Day, in Every Way

Incorporating New Technology Into Your Business

Choosing New Call Center Software That Works for You

Focus On Your Workflow

A Great Customer Experience Needs Human Interaction

A 98% Customer Retention Rate

The Customer is Always Wrong?

Negotiate Bulletproof Call Center Software Contracts

Driving Customer Support or Providing it

5 Tools for Amazing Customer Support

3 Core Customer Support Needs

Truth of Multi-Channel Adoption

Multi-Channel Adoption

What's a Next-Generation Call Center ACD?

What Makes Our 97% Retention Rate?

How much should you tolerate with your call center software?

3 Core Elements for Contact Center Compliance

The Highest Contact Center Uptime Matters

5 Business Goals

Study shows you can trust at home call center employees

How to Manage Big Data in Your Call Center

Unlimited Data Storage for TCPA Compliance

USA Today reports U.S. call center jobs are increasing

7 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Big Data

Advice for outsourcing your call center services

The Value of Unlimited Data Storage

Customer Retention In Your Contact Center

Lose Your Legacy Network, Find Real-Time Reporting

Six Reasons to Switch Call Center Software

A Top Agent Won't Fear Contact Center Monitoring Technology

Call Center Software: The Balance of Cost & Performance

Uptime & False Advertising in the Contact Center Software Industry

Contact Center Reporting

Benefits Come With Switching Call Center Software

Your Contact Center Should Be Seen, Not Heard

Scared About Agent Behavior? You Should Be!

Customer Experience Be Damned: You Care About Your Bottom Line

Take Our Advice: Stay Clear of 'Low Cost' Customer Service Solutions

This Is Why Your Agents Are Quitting Left and Right

You Can't Afford Another Sluggish Sales Quarter

Downtime Isn't Your Network's Fault— It's Your Fault

We're Not Impressed With Your Legacy Network

Don't Play Around With Issue Resolution In Your Contact Center

It's Only A Matter Of Time Before You Commit A TCPA Violation

Connect First's Cell Phone Scrubbing Service Will Keep Your Contact Center TCPA-Clean

Is Your Contact Center Vendor Taking You For Granted?

A Message From Your Future Connect First Customer Success Manager

A Customer Service Approach That Keeps Winning

An Open Letter From A Contact Center Agent

PACE Fires Back Against FCC’s TCPA Ruling

Think You Can Outsmart TCPA Enforcers? Don’t Try It

Use Big Data To Improve Customer Experience

Three Ways Your Contact Center Is Losing Money

One Thing Your Customer Service Department Should Never Do

Contact Center - Data Center, One In The Same

Check Out The Connect First Partner Program!

What’s the Best Way to Prevent Contact Center Fraud?

Overselling, Typical SAAS Sales

Gut Check: How Did Your Contact Center Perform in 2015?

Stability: The Name of the Game For Contact Centers

What Type of Contact Center License Is Right for You?

Slow Down for Better Customer Service

Tips For Planning Your Customer Service Roadmap

Big Data and Communications Tech: a Powerful Combination

Contact Center Technology

Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure

Three Things That Could Go Wrong If You Neglect the TCPA

Want to Build a Stable Contact Center?

Political Season Again: Are You Prepared?

Why You Need to Pay Close Attention to TCPA in 2016

Big Data: It’s A Big Deal

Tips for Selecting a Cloud Contact Center Vendor

Operational Innovations, Designed to Support Customer Success

Beware Of A Multi-Vendor Customer Engagement Strategy

IVR System and Brand Image

Money Alone Won’t Build A Better Contact Center

Speed Up Problem Resolution With IVR Software

Five Service Practices You Could be Doing Better

Expand Your SMB With a Hosted Contact Center Model

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Kindness in Customer Service

Moving Your Contact Center To The Cloud?

Are You Overlooking ‘Vanity’ Metrics In Your Contact Center?

The Ultimate Customer Service Week Checklist

Three Essential TEDx Talks

Shopping for a Cloud Contact Center?

When is it Right to Add a Contact Center to Your Business?

Hybrid Cloud-based Solution

Beware of Free Web-based Customer Service Tools

New TCPA Call Restrictions Affect Political Dialers

Attitude Is Not Everything in Providing a Great Customer Experience

Fragmented Patient Experience

Connect First Foundation

Full-Scale Cloud Contact Center Migration

Customer Service Is the Most Important Department

What Comprises a Strong Customer Service Department?

Don’t Take a Blanket Approach With Customer Service Training

Prevent Calls From Bottlenecking

Wave the White Flag for Better Customer Service

The “Clarified” TCPA Rules

Hit the Reset Button in Your Contact Center

Three Things to Look for in a Cloud Contact Center SLA

Be Afraid of New TCPA Rules. Be Very Afraid.

Three Things You Can Do Instead of Playing Hold Music

Don’t Let the Robot Revolution Consume Your Contact Center

Your IVR System Could Be Scaring Away Customers

The Missing Ingredient: Autonomy in Your Contact Center

Transactional to Relational Customer Service

All Hands On Deck for Quality Customer Service

Confused About the TCPA? Read This

The ‘One Bad Experience’ Debate in Customer Service

Customer Service Lessons From Famous Americans

Are You Enabling a Strong Customer Journey?

Customer Service in the Financial Services Industry

Avoid the Dark Side of the Customer Service ‘Force’

Three Things the C-Suite Expects from a Contact Center

Connect First Employees Actually Get Together on Weekends!?

Omni-Channel Servicing is a Requirement

Is Your Contact Center Ready for Election Season 2016?

Three Problems Ruining Contact Center Customer Relationships

FCC Releases Fact Sheet on Proposed TCPA Rulings

Creating the Dynamic Contact Center

Listen to Your Customers When They Speak!

Are Your Customer Service Agents Outfitted for Success?

Infrastructure and Service Level Agreements

A Word From Your Contact Center Phone System

Not Your Typical Contact Center Vendor

5 Customer Service Tips to Increase Your Bottom Line

Top Signs You're Heading for a Customer Service Disaster

5 Reasons Call Centers are Moving to the Cloud

Invest in IVR and Watch the Savings Pile Up

Some Industries are Falling Behind in Customer Service

A Fresh Look at the Recovery of the Outbound Market

Overhaul Your Contact Center’s Business Intelligence System

Alarming Number of Businesses are Not PCI Compliant

Maximum ROI In Your Contact Center

Contact Center KPIs, Part 3: Managers

Contact Center KPIs, For Supervisors

How Deep is Your Customer Service Bullpen?

The Importance of Contact Center KPIs: For Agents

Customer Service in an Internet of Things Dominated World

The Customer Journey Really Matters

Gear Up for HIPAA Phase II in Your Contact Center Reporting

It's Time for Contact Center Spring Cleaning

Great Customer Service is Won and Lost During Agent Downtime

Importance of Customer Service in 2015

Is Your Business Too Big for a Cloud Contact Center?

Technology Will Not Improve Your Customer Service

Your Agents Should Never Say ‘No’ to Three Customer Requests

Join the Fight for Better Customer Service

How Late Does Your Contact Center Stay Open?

To Wait or Not to Wait for Excellent Customer Service

Embrace a White Glove Approach

How do you Make Vendor Decisions for your Contact Center Solutions?

Take One Giant Leap for Customer Service

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Still Subject to Junk Fax Litigation

Five Tips for Achieving HIPAA Compliance in Your Contact Center

The Big Picture Approach to Great Customer Service

A Deeper Dive Into the NPS Score

Loosened Restrictions on Cell Phones

Contact Center KPIs Guarantee

The Contact Center Customer Service Needle is Stuck on Mediocrity

IT Managers Believe in Cloud Computing Technology

Make Positive Changes in Your Contact Center

Did Winter Storm Juno Bury Your Business?

Acronyms Galore: What Ever Happened to ROI?

The NPS Score: A Great Way to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Mastering the Art of Proactive Engagement

It’s Time to Raise the Bar for Customer Service

What’s All the Fuss About Omnichannel Customer Engagement?

The Power of Web-based Self-Service in Your Contact Center

How Did Your Contact Center Perform in 2014?

Be Indispensable With a Strong Customer Service Solution

A Customer Service Blunder

Three Contact Center Resolutions for 2015

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Your Customer Service Fire Extinguisher

Reliable Cloud-based Contact Center Software

What’s the State of the Contact Center Industry for 2015?

Can I Integrate the Cloud with On-Premises Servers?

Expand Your Global Customer Service Footprint

Want to Serve Your Clients Better? Get to Know Them

Your Business is Growing. Make Sure It's in the Cloud

Election Season May Be Over, but...

Where Is Your Contact Center Headed in 2015?

Three Contact Center Tools to Give Thanks For This Year

Forrester Report:

How Interactive is Your Interactive Voice Response System?

Is There Any Room for Fun in a Call Center?

Plan for the Holiday Rush in Your Contact Center

Contact Center Startups

This Fall, Vote for the Cloud

Are There Monsters Lurking In Your Contact Center?

Twitter for Customer Service

What Generates a Greater ROI

Top Benefits of Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

Cost Saving Contact Center Solution

Hackers Want Your Contact Center CRM Data

Cloud-Based Contact Center ROI: Makes Cents

The Contact Center Customer Experience Is Always Important

Experience Connect First's Drag-and-Drop IVR

Bolster Your Hiring Techniques

Connect First: Embracing Canine Culture

Contact Center Start-up: Getting Started on the Right Foot

Cloud-Based Contact Center Market Experiences Strong Growth

Calming the Upset Mind of the Customer

Meet the New Connect First IVR Studio

Are You Struggling with Your Contact Center TCPA Compliance?

Tips for Hiring Contact Center At-Home Agents

Connect First Races to Cure Kids’ Cancer

Back-to-School Season

Surprise Your Contact Center with Pizza Today

Cloud Contact Center Systems to Invest In

The Contact Center Higher Education Market

Are You Up to Date with your Contact Center PCI Compliance?

Don’t Let CRM Problems Slow You Down

What is Your Contact Center’s Competitive Differentiator?

It’s Not What Your Contact Center Agents are Saying...

Cloud Contact Center Technology Week

Study Shows Demand for Cloud Vendors Is on the Rise

Three Contact Center Lessons Learned with Habitat for Humanity

Build Bridges With Your Contact Center Customer Service

Your Customer Service Approach

Hong Kong’s Customer Service Problem?

Debunking a Myth: the Cloud is Not Secure

Keep Your Contact Center Customers Cool

Around the Cloud in 80 Days

These Colors Don't Run, But Contact Center Customers Do

The Importance of Contact Center Customer Onboarding

Update Your IVR to Create a Better Phone Experience

Use Analytics to Shake Up Your IVR System

Is your contact center competing in the World Cup?

Don’t Take Chances When It Comes to Contact Center PCI Compliance

Are You Making the Grade?

Contact Center IVRs

Connect First Cloud-Based Contact Center Technology

Searching for the Holy Grail of Customer Service?

Best Practices: Negotiating Contact Center Service-Level Agreements

Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than the Best

The 11 Steps of Outsourcing Contact Center Infrastructure

A Leading Factor for Customer Churn

Is Your Contact Center PCI DSS Compliant?

An Introduction to Account Management

Customer Service Spending Is on the Rise

Effective Implementation of QA and Testing Practices

Contact Center KPIs: Ensure a Great Customer Experience

Want Happy Customers?

Drag and Drop Makes Contact Center IVR Setup Easier than Ever

Cut Costs in Your Contact Center

How Many Calls Does it Take to Resolve Conflicts in Your Data Center?

Reflections in the Contact Center Cloud

Choosing a Contact Center Technology Vendor

Have No Fear of a Cloud-based Contact Center Solution

Call Center Machinery Bringing You Down?

Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report

The Evolution of the 21st Century Customer

You Can't Control the Weather—But You Can Plan Ahead

Benefits of Contact Center Cloud Routing

The Critical Need for Engaged Agents

The Statistics Behind Agent Engagement

Striving for Gold in Customer Service

Part 3: Seven Ways to Elevate Agent Engagement

Cloud-Based Solutions Finds Widespread Adoption

New TCPA Rules

The Call Blending Debate Continues…

Multi-Channel: A Must for Today’s Call Center

Selecting A Cloud Contact Center Solution Vendor

Cloud-Based Systems Only Growing Stronger

Customer Care & Company Culture

Outbound Contact Centers of the Not-so-Distant Past

Universities Get Smart: Cloud Contact Center Technology

Floating on a Cloud

The Formula One Approach

Contact Center Core Competencies and the Hosted Model

"The Cloud" and Software as a Service (SaaS)