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Infrastructure built for BPOs

Richard M. - August 9, 2018

There’s a first time for everything, unless it never happens.
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Guillermo A.

Guillermo A.

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A Rough Guide for Call Center Workers Who Can Work Remotely - 2

Guillermo A. - December 21, 2017

Part 2 A primer for call center agents who can work remotely, call center supervisors with remote ag...
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A Rough Guide for Call Center Workers Who Can Work Remotely

Guillermo A. - December 20, 2017

Part 1 Whether you are a call center agent who can work remotely, or a call center supervisor with r...
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Professional Development for Call Center Agents

Guillermo A. - April 12, 2017

Working as a call center agent can be challenging. You often get calls from people who are frustrate...
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Top Five Things Contact Centers Get Wrong

Guillermo A. - March 22, 2017

Have you ever wondered why your contact center is performing poorly? Or why your agents are defectin...
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