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Release notes January 16-17

Ben W. - January 17, 2019

Here are the highlights from our latest release.
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Monitor and coach an agent’s every interaction from a single screen

If you’re using live chat as a way for customers to reach you, you’re doing something right. Today’s empowered, tech-savvy customers want instant satisfaction, answers to their questions and additional detailed information in a way that’s quick, easy, and most convenient to them.

But offering a chat option at your contact center is only half the battle, the information your agents are providing must also be accurate, concise, and useful. Plus, agents need to be effective in their delivery.

With chat monitoring, we’ve made it easier than ever for supervisors to click onto an agent and see an agent’s chat interactions as well as the agent’s status and current call information in real-time without having to refresh or click away from the screen. Supervisors also have the ability to see past chats from the agent’s login period and fetch all chats from that day.

Monitor all customer interactions
Once on the agent details page, supervisors have the ability to monitor the agent’s chats as well as calls. Supervisors can click to hear a continuous stream of calls from a single agent and end the monitoring session at their discretion. Supervisors can listen to call streams and monitor chats all from a single screen.


Coach your agents, right in the chat
Supervisors also have the ability to coach agents, providing them with tips or helpful information directly in an active chat window without the customer ever knowing. It’s chat monitoring plus real-time coaching in one.


Get a complete view of the agent
In addition to monitoring and coaching agents from a single screen, supervisors can also see an agent’s status as well as inactive chats. Supervisors get the complete big picture view of an agent, their interactions and efficiency, allowing supervisors to see where an agent excels and areas that leave room for improvement.

This one-stop-shop for agent monitoring and coaching will help supervisors be more efficient in their coaching and monitoring efforts and help agents become more effective so that they can create better engagements and better serve your customers.

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Release notes January 16-17

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