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Release notes April 10-11

Ben W. - April 9, 2019

Here are the highlights from our latest release.
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Release Notes December 19-20

Here are the highlights from our latest release.

Agent updates

Our newest user interface that agents work from. It’s streamlined, intuitive and helps agents make more calls and get through engagements faster. It’s voice and chat from the agent’s perspective.

Dial multi-number leads
Agents now have the ability to view and dial multi-number leads from the lead search, making it easier and faster to manage leads with more than one number associated with them.

Dial multi-number leads

Transfer to any agent in the organization
We have added a new configuration option to agent security that allows agents to direct transfer to other available agents, even if those agents are not in their agent group. Now agents don’t have to be restricted by agent grouping when they do a direct transfer.

Transfer to any agent

Admin updates

This is the nuts and bolts of our configurable, feature-rich, suite-style contact center solution. CF Admin provides you with the platform and features you need to successfully operate and optimize your contact center, so you can create better customer experiences.

Option to loop audio
No more setting up long, manually-looping audio for track numbers or leaving callers with dead air. Now you have the option to set up self-looping audio for track numbers, leaving your customers with a customized message and better customer experience.

Set a max ring time
Don’t have your agents waiting on a million rings for a client to pick up when making an ACD queue call back. We have recently added the ability to set the max ring time so your agents don't have to sit on the phone longer than you want them to and can move to their next call.

Set a max ring time

Lead manager search updates
Admin users now have the ability to search for more lead states in the lead manager search. Plus, raw lead states will return and properly be reflected in the lead search results.

Call recording configuration got a makeover
We’ve given our call recording options an entirely new look in the admin configuration, making it easier and more intuitive to see how your calls will be recorded. We’ve also made it simpler to configure your call recordings the way you want.

Call recording options

Supervisor updates

Built specifically for contact center supervisors, this interface gives supervisors all the functionality of CF Agent plus more. They’re able to monitor and coach individual agents’ calls and chats or their entire contact center floor.

Better visibility into agent chats
Worried that your agents are typing something to a client that you don’t approve of? Now, a supervisor monitoring an agent can see exactly what the agent is typing to the end client before they even send it, allowing for valuable feedback to the agent before the client sees the message.

Monitor agent chats

Analytics updates

Our advanced reporting features such as historical reporting and real-time dashboards allow you to create dynamic, information-rich custom dashboards or leverage our out-of-the-box reports to gather deep data on your contact center.

Hourly dialer disposition report updates
Report values that were requested for time zones other than EST were being calculated incorrectly, so we fixed that. We also fixed 'no answer' and 'other' columns percentage totals from being incorrectly calculated.

IVR Detail Report visual_ivr_name column was blank when pulling for a single IVR.

Agent Activity Overview and Agent Overview Report were returning conflicting results in certain cases.

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Release notes April 10-11

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