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Monitor and coach an agent’s every interaction from a single screen

Ben W. - October 30, 2018

Introducing chat monitoring & more If you’re using live chat as a way for customers to reach you, you’re doing something right. Today’s empowered, tech-savvy customers want instant satisfact...
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Infrastructure built for BPOs

There’s a first time for everything, unless it never happens.

I’d been in this business for about 20 years before I heard the TLA* “BPO.” For those afraid to ask, it’s short for “Business Process Outsourcer,” and in context it means “contact centers that handle calls (etc.) for other companies.”

For example, if you manufacture sneakers and sell them in retail locations, you can expect to get a few complaint calls, warranty questions or be asked the proper way to double-knot shoelaces. As manufacturing and marketing experts, you might not be expert at fielding these customer service questions, so you’d instead contract with a company who would handle these customer issues. You’re outsourcing a business process – hence the acronym.

I think there’s probably a better way to identify these businesses than the three letters chosen, but I doubt anyone cares what I think about it. The reason why probably has something to do with the fact that I’d been selling cloud contact center software to BPOs for years without knowing what they were called. This ignorance had zero effect on business.

Connect First’s CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) is extremely well suited for the BPO market, and it was designed with them in mind. We offer a true multi-tenant architecture that can be utilized in several beneficial ways. We provide robust flexibility allowing customers to tailor intelligent agent workflows with no need for custom development on our part. This allows for simple and quick implementations, even for sophisticated environments.

In addition to providing a comprehensive reporting suite, we offer real-time and scheduled data exports. This allows complete flexibility for customers to create their own custom reports should they prefer to. Comprehensive APIs provide custom integration capabilities and remote control of the platform.

As the industry leader in uptime and scalability, BPOs can feel confident in their infrastructure. And, of course, we are the recognized leader in customer happiness.

Whether it’s a BPO or some other name designating a company that provides business processes for people wishing to outsource their contact center, I certainly recommend us.

*TLA – Three Letter Acronym.


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There’s a first time for everything, unless it never happens.
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