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What is Your Contact Center’s Competitive Differentiator?

Posted by Geoff M. on Aug 12, 2014 1:35:57 AM

There is perhaps no bigger battleground for winning over consumer respect and interest than in the contact center. In fact, 62 percent of organizations view the customer contact center experience as a competitive differentiator. The more your organization focuses on reaching out to customers and making sure they are satisfied, the more they will reward your business with repeat sales and brand loyalty.

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Topics: Automatic Call Distribution Software, Contact Center’s Competitive Differentiator, Infrastructure, Technology, Connect First Technologies

Cloud Contact Center Technology Week

Posted by Rob S. on Aug 4, 2014 3:33:51 AM

Celebrate National Simplify Your Life Week With Cloud Contact Center Technology

Here at Connect First, we were interested to learn that the first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week. After all, we’re constantly looking for ways to simplify and enhance the the customer experience with cloud contact center technology. The contact center can be a pretty hectic place, and staying on top of customer requests and heavy call volumes can be overwhelming without the right cloud contact center technology.

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Topics: Automatic Call Distribution Software, cloud contact center, Cloud Contact Center Technology, Technology, Connect First Technologies

Searching for the Holy Grail of Customer Service?

Posted by Linda D. on Jun 9, 2014 2:22:36 AM

You don’t need to scour the earth to find the holy grail of customer service. It’s not hiding in some forgotten temple or buried in a chest underground. The reveal is actually incredibly simple: You need to focus on speed and efficiency in your contact center.

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Topics: Automatic Call Distribution Software, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Connect First Technologies, Customers, Inbound and Outbound Calling

Want Happy Customers?

Posted by Rob S. on May 5, 2014 4:52:56 AM

Start With Happy Contact Center Agents!

Are you considering installing a turnstile in your contact center to keep track of all the stressed out, overworked agents who are fleeing your company? Agent turnover is expected to a certain degree due to the impermanent nature of the position, but if these customer service specialists aren’t happy, it could mean your customers aren’t either.

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Topics: Automatic Call Distribution Software, Customer Experience, Happy Contact Center Agents, Connect First Technologies, Customers

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