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A Rough Guide for Call Center Workers Who Can Work Remotely

Posted by Guillermo A. on Dec 20, 2017 1:53:46 PM

Part 1

Whether you are a call center agent who can work remotely, or a call center supervisor with remote agents, the following is a rough guide of expectations, tips, and considerations. IVR, Interactive Voice Response, will route a call to an agent without regard to physical location. The IVR’s determining factor may be skills-based routing, but mainly dependent on whether an agent is available or not.

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Topics: benefits of the cloud, Call Center Agents, Company Culture

True Cloud Hosting: Built-In Scalability

Posted by Richard M. on Mar 29, 2017 9:00:00 AM

A well-implemented telephony platform designed specifically as a cloud-based call center platform should provide scalability well beyond what can be found in a premises-based system. Since many hosted platforms are designed by those with premises-based experience, or are premises-based systems repurposed as managed systems, you’ll often find that the limitation found in these platforms can prevent many scalability advantages from being available.

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Topics: benefits of the cloud, Build A Better Contact Center, Cloud Contact Center Dialer

True Cloud Hosting: Built for the Cloud from the Ground

Posted by Richard M. on Mar 23, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Because of my business experience, people often ask, “What is the Cloud?” I claim that ‘Cloud’ is a marketing term that has supplanted and is interchangeable with 'Virtual,' 'Hosted,' and 'SaaS.' When a business claims to be a 'cloud service provider,' what they usually mean is that the hardware, software, and data storage for your business won’t be located on your premises.  

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Topics: benefits of the cloud, cloud call center

Top Benefits of Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

Posted by Geoff M. on Oct 16, 2014 1:00:55 AM

A cloud-based contact center will provide a variety of cutting-edge technologies for a small percentage of what you would have to pay for total in-house ownership. These technologies include automatic call distribution software, interactive voice response software, advanced call routing and an extensive suite of reporting and analytics tools. But that’s not all you will get.

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Topics: benefits of the cloud, cloud contact center, cloud contact center cost savings, Infrastructure, Technology, Top Benefits of Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutio, Connect First Technologies

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