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Release notes April 10-11

Ben W. - April 9, 2019

Here are the highlights from our latest release.
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The Best Video Conference Call Apps Available

Mathias O., CIO - April 13, 2017

Video conferencing is an essential part of business today, so it's important to have the right app f...
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Engaging with Professional Development

Darryl M. - March 31, 2017

What, Why, and How The modern business world is an ever-changing organism, especially in the burgeon...
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True Cloud Hosting: Built for the Cloud from the Ground

Richard M. - March 23, 2017

Because of my business experience, people often ask, “What is the Cloud?” I claim that ‘Cloud’ is a ...
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5 Ways To Change A Toxic Call Center Work Environment

Linda D. - March 9, 2017

As a contact center employee, can you imagine showing up for work each day feeling energized and ent...
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A 98% Customer Retention Rate

Fred S. - August 29, 2016

Introducing 3 Members of Our Superhero Support Team Our support team differentiates themselves with ...
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Study shows you can trust at home call center employees

Len L. - May 19, 2016

Employees view working from home as a positive privilege Recent data presented by the Flex+Strategy ...
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This Is Why Your Agents Are Quitting Left and Right

Linda D. - March 14, 2016

We know you don’t want to talk about CSR turnover rates in your organization. But like pulling off a...
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A Message From Your Future Connect First Customer Success Manager

Rob S. - February 11, 2016

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Connect First. You can conside...
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An Open Letter From A Contact Center Agent

Linda D. - February 2, 2016

Dear Reader,
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Check Out The Connect First Partner Program!

Fred S. - January 12, 2016

Let's Take Our Relationship To The Next Level. Let’s be honest: If you’ve seen one referral program,...
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