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USA Today reports U.S. call center jobs are increasing

Posted by Len L. on May 5, 2016 8:54:16 AM

After years of call center jobs being outsourced abroad, companies are now bringing them back to the U.S., USA Today reports. Currently 5 million Americans are employed by call center providers. Industry experts believe that advances in technology, increasing oversees labor costs and the fact that customers were demanding better service have contributed to the trend.

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Topics: Call Center Growth, Customer Retention, Guest Blog, Outsourcing

Customer Retention In Your Contact Center

Posted by Linda D. on Apr 20, 2016 2:09:33 PM

The Value of Customer Retention In Your Contact Center Software Relationship

We don't get dumped.

Too many cloud customers struggle in dysfunctional relationships, having received the call center software they contracted for, but missing that crucial element of support when something goes wrong. If you're not feeling the love from your contact center software partner, it may be time to cut the cord.

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Topics: Customer Experience, Customer Relations, Customer Retention, Uptime, Customers, Customers-How To

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