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Acronyms Galore: What Ever Happened to ROI?

Posted by Linda D. on Feb 3, 2015 12:00:58 AM

Is your low ASA rating and poor KPI causing you to rethink your B2C outreach strategy and invest in a CEM, CLI or ANI solution? Furthermore, is your head hurting from reading the prior sentence—nevermind the amount of acronyms that you constantly have to sort through in the contact center industry?

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Topics: Cloud Contact Center ROI, Infrastructure, pain-free customer service, Technology

Forrester Report:

Posted by Fred S. on Nov 18, 2014 12:00:59 AM

Is Customer Service a Painful Experience in Your Contact Center?

Earlier this year, Forrester named the delivery of pain-free customer service as one of the top trends to be expected amongst enterprises in 2014. As such, an increasing number of organizations are now taking active measures to transform their contact centers so that best-of-class customer service becomes the staple. So how do you go about creating a pain-free customer experience in your contact center?

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Topics: Call Center Customer Service, cloud contact center, Interactive Voice Response Software, pain-free customer service, Technology, Connect First Technologies

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