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Expand Your SMB With a Hosted Contact Center Model

Posted by Linda D. on Oct 20, 2015 1:48:06 PM

Star Trek's hyper-capitalistic Ferengi tribe were consummate businesspeople (business-aliens?), and although their business tactics (and ethics) proved to be occasionally … controversial, one maxim of Ferengi philosophy has crossed the interspecies barrier and become a heavily quoted axiom that holds true even within the business world of earthbound humanity:

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Topics: ACD, Cloud Solution, Scalability, Technology, Connect First Technologies

Moving Your Contact Center To The Cloud?

Posted by Dow B. on Oct 13, 2015 2:08:27 PM

Ahhhh, the age of the dinosaurs. Miraculous, astonishing, and of course, cool as heck. Even cooler because these giant beasts are now safely tucked away in the annals of history.

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Topics: Cloud Contact Center ROI, Scalability, Security, Technology, Migration

Cut Costs in Your Contact Center

Posted by Brian M. on Apr 28, 2014 7:21:22 AM

Choosing to invest in on-premises contact center infrastructure is a lot like buying a used car. Everything looks great for the first 3,000 miles or so — until the catalytic converter fails and you start wishing you had a warranty to fall back on.

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Topics: Cloud Contact Center ROI, Contact Center Costs, Infrastructure, Scalability, Technology

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