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5 Business Goals

Posted by Dow B. on May 24, 2016 8:33:15 AM

5 Business Goals to Champion with Unlimited Data Storage

Call Center Software with Unlimited Data Storage

In April, we at Connect First started offering all our customers unlimited data storage. To highlight all the goodness of such a perk, let’s go through 5 benefits unlimited data storage brings to your business goals.

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Topics: Big Data, disaster recovery, Technology, Unlimited Data Storage

Unlimited Data Storage for TCPA Compliance

Posted by Linda D. on May 12, 2016 8:46:57 AM

Unlimited Data Storage and TCPA Compliance

Any call center manager will cringe when hearing ‘TCPA’. This is the main weapon the government uses to stop ‘robocalls’ (so, ‘robotexts’ and ‘robofaxes’, too) from reaching US citizens. And believe us, Americans do not take unwanted calls lightly. It is reported, that in 2014 TCPA compliance cases were the 2nd most filed type of case in federal courts in the USA. And this was even before FCC started actively enforcing this ruling. So, buckle up, if you don’t have a solution at hand to protect yourself from the FCC.

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Topics: TCPA Compliance, Unlimited Data Storage, Security/Compliance

The Value of Unlimited Data Storage

Posted by Rob S. on Apr 27, 2016 9:21:08 AM

Connect First Customers Now Receive Unlimited Data Storage

Unprecedented Changes

On April 1, we launched our new Reporting Studio.  Customers now have the business intelligence they need to make key business decisions, set KPIs and drive data-based growth.  Additionally, customers now receive unlimited data storage.  Can you imagine?  Is there anyone else on the market that does that?

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Topics: Big Data, Reporting, Reporting Studio, Unlimited Data Storage

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