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Negotiate Bulletproof Call Center Software Contracts

Posted by Fred S. on Jul 20, 2016 11:00:16 PM

Be smart about your call center software contracts. You don’t really have to be a legal expert to do your contract negotiations in a due diligent manner. Here are incredibly valuable tricks that will come in handy to get you started.

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Multi-Channel Adoption

Posted by Dow B. on Jun 15, 2016 8:35:06 AM

Are You Getting What You Paid For?

With many tech innovations, the benefits are not always immediate. Big data successfully moved from a super trendy idea to an effective product, but it did not happen overnight. With the cost of typical Hadoop clusters (the hardware to collect big data) in the millions of dollars, it is reasonable to seriously scrutinize and assess such an early adoption investment.

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Topics: Cloud Contact Center ROI, Multi-channel, ROI, Technology, Uptime

The Highest Contact Center Uptime Matters

Posted by Linda D. on May 26, 2016 4:10:30 PM

The highest uptime possible is the core differentiator in the market

You see companies advertise their 99.993% uptime. Our uptime is 99.9994%. So, what does that mean? If you do some online digging you might find out the variations are minutes apart, but what's a few minutes?

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Customer Retention In Your Contact Center

Posted by Linda D. on Apr 20, 2016 2:09:33 PM

The Value of Customer Retention In Your Contact Center Software Relationship

We don't get dumped.

Too many cloud customers struggle in dysfunctional relationships, having received the call center software they contracted for, but missing that crucial element of support when something goes wrong. If you're not feeling the love from your contact center software partner, it may be time to cut the cord.

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Topics: Customer Experience, Customer Relations, Customer Retention, Uptime, Customers, Customers-How To

Call Center Software: The Balance of Cost & Performance

Posted by Rob S. on Apr 7, 2016 2:48:03 PM

Getting cost and performance to go hand in hand is rare. Usually you compromise one for the other. Call quality suffers, but the price is right. Or exorbitant prices are paid for high uptime rates, but the package is not ideal for your business. Interestingly, in the call center software industry, high price does not equate to high performance or sound quality.

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Topics: Call Center Software, Technology, Uptime

Uptime & False Advertising in the Contact Center Software Industry

Posted by Linda D. on Apr 1, 2016 3:36:45 PM

When contact center software companies advertise their uptime, they often are not truthful with the marketing numbers. While everyone advertises their high uptime, not all uptimes are created equal. Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing. This article demonstrates the difference in the number of nines and the safeguards provided with a high uptime rate.

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Tips for Selecting a Cloud Contact Center Vendor

Posted by Dow B. on Nov 11, 2015 8:08:34 AM

While ease of deployment, low upfront cost, reduced strain on internal IT resources, high scalability and redundancy continue to be the main factors driving organizations to migrate their in-house contact center systems to the cloud, companies considering making the switch should know that those aren’t the only reasons for selecting a particular cloud vendor.

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Topics: Connect First, Uptime, Cloud Contact Center Vendor

Contact Center Start-up: Getting Started on the Right Foot

Posted by Linda D. on Sep 18, 2014 1:00:29 AM

If you have a contact center start-up or are just getting involved in the contact center industry, it’s important to get started on the right foot. After all, the contact center is one of the most important parts of the enterprise, as it is charged with both inbound and outbound customer communications. Customers will judge the efficiency of an organization based on how well this department performs.

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